Friday, July 30, 2010

Interesting Twist

PC and I have talked for a long time now about trying something new.  I have more and more begun to want to have an experience with another girl.  But I want my PC there with me.  I think neither of us are 100% clear on exactly how much he will participate, except that it will all be my decision. 

I want to play with another girls tits.  I want my tits to be played with by a girl.  I want to lick her pussy and suck on her clit while my PC fucks me.  I want to kiss the soft warm mouth of a girl.  I want to kiss my PC while he plays with my tits and she licks my pussy.

I've always been a little unsure.

I'm sure now.  So we are working towards making that happen.

There's only one teeny tiny reservation I have.  I plan to work through that and then we are set! 

Advice?  Suggestions?  Here I go!!!!!!!!!



  1. what's the reservation????????????

    i'm so jealous.

  2. PC is one lucky guy! Do you think he'll be able to just watch...and not participate?!

    I'm wondering too....what reservation do you have?

  3. Only questions I have are:
    + when do I show up
    + what do you want me to wear!

    Have a blast baby! You'll love it!
    (and don't leave PC out)