Thursday, August 5, 2010

HNT - From the Past

So Tuesday turned out to be not quite as awful as I'd thought it was going to be.

My PC went, it seems, out of his way to see to it.  I got to spend a very fast 30 minutes with him, in which I got exactly what I wanted and am still slightly sore from it.  Then I got about 2 hours on the phone with him, which is a VERY rare thing in the last 5 months.

He's out of town now with no cell service I presume.  And even if he has cell service, it wouldn't seem right for him to stop in the middle of his fishing trip to check on me.  He deserves some time away for just him.  And I hope he is enjoying it immensely!

My HNT pic today is the first pic my PC ever saw of me.  I will forever love this picture because it is what caused  him to contact me the first time and started the most beautiful of relationships!  It's not always an easy relationship, but I have never been more sure that I belong with someone.

Happy HNT Yall!  Go check in with the King of HNT and see who else is playing today.



  1. I can see why...
    It is a nice feeling, huh?
    Lovely photo!

  2. hell....
    i'd call you too - after seeing this!!!

  3. Looking great...I can see why you got his attention!

  4. we must be thinking along the same lines
    i considered posting a pic from my past
    from a time when i felt sexy
    maybe i will still...

  5. I agree I can see why you got his attention. HHNT.