Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HNT - Bruised

I've really been struggling heart is bruised.  There's lots that goes into that.  Some things I can control.  Other things I cannot.
PC's been ridiculously patient with me.....which I can't explain at all except that he must love me.

A big part of my struggle has been feeling alone.... feeling insecure.... feeling like I having nothing grounding me to reality.

This picture is not super recent..... but I love it because it reminds me of how easy it is to reverse all of that.

How easy it is to feel like I am his....I am owned......and loved......and desired.....

Often I want to be held and petted and kissed and cooed makes me feel loved and taken care of and tiny.

But when PC takes me.....possesses me.......marks me as his......I am at peace.

I need more of this.....especially when I'm struggling.....

That's when I most need to have the control and decisions taken away from me.

When my heart is bruised.....bruising my body is a great first step in healing my heart.




  1. yes, hugs

    the words frame the pic nicely

  2. I understand that feeling. *hugs*

  3. oh how happy i am!!!! i shared this post with PC and it inspired an unplanned lunch visit.

    i'm sore and smiley :)

  4. Totally, completely understand! Hope you feel better. GREAT HNT! X

  5. Hoping the heart heals soon. Happy HNT!

  6. As with everyone above I can relate. Just read all your posts, your expression of some of your emotions very similar to some I have had myself.